Fuel Filtration Equipment

hpi_cloud-genius_com_wp-content_uploads_2015_04_Hydraulic-Projects-Fuels-Flier_pdfHydraulic Projects First Aid for Fuels

Engines rely on having a clean and pure source of fuel in order to perform at their best and ensure reliability and longevity.

  • Modern performance engines incorporating high-pressure fuel injectors have ultrafine tolerances, meaning the quality of your fuel has never been more important.
  • At the same time, environmental legislation has led to the adoption of ultra low sulfur diesel, with the sulfur content replaced by up to 7% biofuel.

These two developments have created a significant problem. If your fuel is
not properly treated and managed the biodiesel can lead to contamination and fuel degradation, which can block filters and injectors, jeopardise the reliability of your engines and cause expensive equipment failure.

HPI DFU-5 Sales Sheet.
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